Nick Minor

Birder and Aspiring Ornithologist

About me

Interested in the interface between ecology and evolution, I ask questions about the natural world through ornithology. By studying birds, we come closer to understanding the diversity of life and the processes responsible for it. In addition, birds are charismatic and ubiquitous, allowing us to connect people to the natural world through novel and scientifically relevant ways. Functioning as indicator species, birds are also a useful study system for finding sustainable solutions to pressing environmental issues. Overall, by harmonizing ecology with evolution, vocation with avocation, and society with sustainability, we can do the same with humanity and the earth.

I'm an Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior student at University of Minnesota, serving as a curatorial assistant in the Bell Museum of Natural History under Keith Barker.

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Nick Minor
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an enthusiast, a student, an educator, a citizen scientist