Ron Voskuil

Mollusca (Olividae, Cardiidae), Brachiopoda (Recent)

About me

My name is Ron Voskuil, living in Hulst, The Netherlands. Married to Karin, and born in the year 1963.

At present busy with a major paper on the phylogeny of extinct and extant genus-group taxa belonging to the Ancillariinae, Olividae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Neogastropoda) as well as on a catalogue of species-group level taxa of the same subfamily.

Published on: Mollusca (Cardiidae, Olividae, Hydatinidae, field work), Recent and Pliocene Brachiopoda.

New taxa introduced: Agaronia johnkochi (Olividae), Hydatina exquisita (Hydatinidae), Trachycardium marerubrum, T. wilsoni, T. luteomarginatum, Vepricardium rubrohamatum, Laevicardium angmagsalikense, Fulvia fagea, Acrosterigma kengaluorum, A. sowerbyorum (all Cardiidae).

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Full name
Ron Voskuil
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a citizen scientist