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I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. I completed my B.Sc. at the Universidad de Los Andes-Bogotá, and my PhD at the University of Miami. I am currently a Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellow in the Departments of Botany and Entomology at the National Museum of Natural History studying the effects of climate change on host plant extinctions and the co-extinctions of associated insect herbivores. As part of my research, I am interested in modeling cascades of co-extinctions of insect herbivores under projected climate change and exploring the ecology, genetics, and evolutionary processes involved in the adaptation of insect herbivores to novel host plants.

For my research, I use neotropical plants from the order Zingiberales and their insect herbivores, beetles from the genus Cephaloleia as a model system. This is an emerging model system that has been used for over two decades to understand the ecology and evolution of plant-herbivore associations.

My objective as a Rubenstein Fellow is to include taxonomic, ecological, phylogenetic, and evolutionary information for this well-documented plant-herbivore interaction in the Encyclopedia of Life.

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