Simone Nunes Brandão

Ostracoda super-fan

About me

I am a super-enthusiast about Ostracoda, the small crustaceans which tell us a lot about the history of our planet.

I began to study the biodiversity, ecology, genetics and systematics Class Ostracoda in 2000, during my Master in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

As a result of my great interest in these amazing animals, I have published a couple of hundreds of pages in almost 20 papers in scientific journals.

I also take part on international initiatives and projects, which aim to facilitate the study and conserve the biodiversity of our Earth: World Register of Marine Species; Register of Antarctic Marine Species, Census of Marine Life, Census of Antartic Marine Life, Census of the Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life...

The best I can say about my work is that I JUST LOVE IT! It's like living forever with the good side of the childhood: curiosity, discovery, meeting nice and interesting people (in scientific meeting, workshops, congresses). But also enjoying the good side of adulthood: freedom, responsability, teaching, giving further what I've learned so far...

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