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I am co-author of the book "Treehoppers of Tropical America" (Published in both English and Spanish), and would therefore be able to curate materials related to this wonderful group of insects. The details of this publication and others are below; a link to more information about this book is provided in my Webpage www.ximenamiranda.com (see the section on "publicaciones"). I am actually working at University of Costa Rica. My degrees are in both Entomology (M.Sc. Biology, University of Costa Rica) and Education (Ed.M. Mind Brain and Education Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education), so although I love to do work in entomology, I have dedicated a big part of my last 4-5 years to projects in science education and other learning projects for children and youth. This is why my most recent publication is not about insects; it's about the development of creativity, an article I wrote about Charles Darwin and his life, with reflections for educators. It is in Spanish because I realized that although there are thousands of articles about Darwin in English, there are very few in Spanish, so I decided to send the manuscript to a Latin American journal (also indexed and peer reviewed). One of the things I love about EOL is that it integrates both elements (science and education), and I would love to be part of this network of collaborators as a curator and in other possible ways. I recently joined as a member and besides enjoying the new materials that come out everyday, I was very happy to share my videos of substrate-borne communication in treehoppers. I would love to continue sharing photos, videos, and other contents as well as helping to curate other members' content. Publications: Godoy, C., Miranda, X. y Nishida, K. (2006). Treehoppers of Tropical America. San José, Costa Rica: National Institute of Biodiversity Press (Editorial INBio). 350 p. Miranda, X. (2006). Substrate borne signal repertoire and courtship jamming by adults of Ennya chrysura (Hemiptera: Membracidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 99(2):374-386. Miranda, X. (2000). Sexual dimorphism in the aristae of Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) and its possible importance in courtship. Journal of the New York Entomological Society 108 (3-4):339-348. Miranda, X. (2010). Charles Darwin and the development of Creativity. Journal of the Institute of Educational Research, University of Costa Rica (Revista INIE-UCR), December 2010. Publications in local newspapers (translation of the titles in parentheses): Miranda, X. (2010). Bifurcaciones: Instars y metamorfosis de la mente (Instars and metamorphosis of the mind). Semanario Universidad, Universidad de Costa Rica, 12-10-2010. Miranda, X. (2010). Pulgas mentales para comprender fenómenos biológicos (Mental bugs to understand biological phenomena). Memorias del IV Congreso de Transdisciplinariedad, Complejidad y Ecoformación. Miranda, X. (2008). Pequeños grandes científicos (Little big scientists). Periódico La Nación, Sección de Opinión, 30-10-08. Miranda, X. (2008). Evolución y educación (Evolution and education). Periódico La Nación, Sección de Opinión, 14-07-08. Miranda, X. (2008). Evolución y educación: respuesta de una bióloga a un debate entre abogados (Evolution and education: answer of a biologist to a debate between lawyers). Boletín Electrónico de la Fundación CIENTEC, 16-07-08. More in: www.ximenamiranda.com

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Membracidae (Treehoppers) of Tropical Americas