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1. Faculty, Biology Department, Northwest College, Powell, WY 2. Authorship of Laniidae & Strigiformes & Falconiformes CADE, T.J. and E.C. ATKINSON. 2002. Northern Shrike (Lanius excubitor). In The Birds of North America, No. 671 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.). The Birds of North America, Inc., Philadelphia, PA. HOLT, D.W., W.D. NORTON, AND E.C. ATKINSON. 2001. Breeding season food habits of Burrowing Owls in south-central Montana. Intermountain Journal of Sciences. 7:63-69. ATKINSON, E.C. 1998. Book Review: Shrikes: A Guide to the Shrikes of the World. N. Lefranc and T. Worfolk. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT. Quarterly Review of Biology 73:364. ATKINSON, E.C. 1997. Singing for your supper; acoustical luring of avian prey by Northern Shrikes. Condor 99:204-206. ATKINSON, E.C., L.J. GOODRICH, and K.L. BILDSTEIN. 1997. A temporal field guide to autumn raptor migration at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Birds 10:134-137. GROVES, C., T., FREDERICK, G. FREDERICK, E.C. ATKINSON, M. L. ATKINSON, J. SHEPHERD, and G. SERVHEEN. 1997. Distribution, density, and habitat of flammulated owls in Idaho. Great Basin Nat. 57:116-123. ATKINSON, E.C. 1995. Northern Shrikes (Lanius excubitor) wintering in North America; a Christmas Bird Count analysis of trends, cycles, and interspecific interactions. Pages in R. Yosef and F. Lohrer (eds.) Shrikes of the World, Proc. of the First International Shrike Symposium. Proc. Western Foundation Vertebrate Zoology 6:39-44. ATKINSON, E.C. 1993. Winter territories and night roosts of Northern Shrikes in Idaho. Condor 95:515-527. ATKINSON, E.C. and T.J. CADE. 1993. Winter foraging and diet composition of Northern Shrikes in Idaho. Condor 95:528-535. 3. Professional society membership: OSNA (AOU, COS, RRF, AFO, WOS)--COS since 1988

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