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PhD in paleontology, Harvard University, 2010 Cohen, Phoebe A., J. William Schopf, Nicholas J. Butterfield, Anatoliy Kudryavtsev, & Francis Macdonald (in prep). Phosphate biomineralization in early Neoproterozoic protistan microfossils. Macdonald, F.A., Schmitz, M.D., Crowley, J.L., Roots, C.F., Jones, D.S., Maloof, A.C., Strauss, J.V., Cohen, P.A., Johnston, D.T., and Schrag, D.P., 2010, Calibrating the Cryogenian: Science, v. 327, no. 5970, p. 1241-1243. Macdonald, F.A., Cohen, P.A., Dudas, F.O., and Schrag, D.P., 2010, Early Neoproterozoic scale microfossils in the lower Tindir Group of Alaska and the Yukon Territory: Geology (Boulder), v. 38, no. 2, p. 143-146. Cohen, P., A.H. Knoll and R.B. Kodner. (2009) Large spinose microfossils in Ediacaran rocks as resting stages of early animals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 10.1073/pnas.0902322106. Macdonald, F.A., and P. Cohen. (in press) The upper Tindir, east-central Alaska. In: Arnaud, E., Halverson, G., and Shields, G. Eds., The Geological Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations, Geological Society of London Memoir, London. Cohen, P. et al. (2009) Tubular Macrofossils from the Ediacaran Nama Group, Namibia. Journal of Paleontology 83: 110-122. Allmon, W.D. and P. Cohen (2008). Palaeoecological significance of turritelline gastropod- dominated assemblages from the mid-Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian) of Texas and Oklahoma, USA. Cretaceous Research 29: 65-77 Knoll, A.H., Javaux, E.J., Hewitt, D., & Cohen, P. (2006). Eukaryotic organisms in Proterozoic oceans. Philosophical Transactions - Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences, 361(1470), 1023-1038.
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