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2. authorship of a peer-reviewed publication Rice, M. E. 1993 Chapter 7. Sipuncula. In F. W. Harrison and M. E. Rice, Eds., Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates, Vol. 12: Onychophora, Chilopoda, and Lesser Protostomata, pp. 237-325. Wiley-Liss, Inc., New York. Rice, M.E., J. Piraino and H. Reichardt. 1995. A Survey of the Sipuncula of the Indian River Lagoon. Bulletin of Marine Science 57(1): 128-135. Schulze, A. and M.E. Rice 2009. Musculature in sipunculan worms: ontogeny and ancestral states. Evolution and Development 11(1):97-108. Kawauchi, G and M.E. Rice 2009. Two new species of Nephasoma (Sipuncula: Golfingiidae) from the western Atlantic Ocean. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 122(1):1-13. Schulze, A. and M.E. Rice 2009.2009 Nephasoma pellucidum: A model species for sipunculan development? In Smithsonian Marine Science Symposium, Eds. M.A.Lang, I.G.Macintyre and K.Rützler. Smithsonian Contributions to the Marine Sciences, 38:209-218. Rice, M.E. 2009. Sipuncula of the Gulf of Mexico. In Gulf of Mexico. Origin, Waters, and Biota, Vol.1, Biodiversity. Eds. D. L. Felder and D. K. Camp. Texas A&M University Press. pp. 803-808.
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