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1) Postdoctoral researcher and EOL Fellow, Scripps Institution of Oceanography 2) Halanych, K. M. and Borda, E. 2009. Ch. 1 – Developing models for lophotrochozoan and annelid biology. Annelids in Modern Biology. Shaine, D. (ed). John Wiley & Sons. Indianapolis, IN. Borda, E., Oceguera-Figueroa, A. and Siddall, M. E. 2008. On the classification, evolution and biogeography of terrestrial haemadipsoid leeches (Hirudinida: Arhynchobdellida: Hirudiniformes). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 46(1): 142 – 154. Borda, E. 2006. Revision of the Malagabdellinae (Arhynchobdellida: Domanibdellidae), including a new species of Malagabdella Richardson 1978 from Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. American Museum Novitates. 3531: 1 – 13. 3) Society of Systematic Biologists
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Annelida, with special emphasis on Amphinomida (e.g. fireworms) and Hirudinida (leeches)