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1. Post-doc research associate (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research) 2. Authorship of the following publications: a. Sfenthourakis S., Giokas S., Tzanatos E. (2004): From sampling stations to archipelagos: investigating aspects of the assemblage of insular biota, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 13: 23-35 b. Tzanatos E., Dimitriou E., Katselis G., Georgiadis M., Koutsikopoulos C. (2005): Composition, temporal dynamics and regional characteristics of small-scale fisheries in Greece, Fisheries Research, 73, 1-2: 147-158 c. Sfenthourakis S., Tzanatos E., Giokas S. (2006): Species co-occurrence: The case of congeneric species and a causal approach to patterns of species association, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 15: 39-49 d. Tzanatos E., Dimitriou E., Papaharisis L., Roussi A., Somarakis S., Koutsikopoulos C. (2006): Principal socio-economic characteristics of the Greek small-scale coastal fishermen, Ocean & Coastal Management, 49, 7-8: 511-527 e. Tzanatos E., Somarakis S., Tserpes G., Koutsikopoulos C. (2006): Identifying and classifying small-scale fisheries métiers in the Mediterranean: a case study in the Patraikos Gulf, Greece, Fisheries Research, 81, 2-3: 158-168 f. Tzanatos E., Somarakis S., Tserpes G., Koutsikopoulos C. (2007): Discarding practices in a Mediterranean small-scale fishing fleet (Patraikos Gulf, Greece), Fisheries Management & Ecology, 14, 4: 277-285 g. Tzanatos E., Somarakis S., Tserpes G., Koutsikopoulos C. (2008): Catch length analysis, relation to minimum landing sizes and management implications from a Mediterranean small-scale fishery (Patraikos Gulf, Greece), Fisheries Research, 93, 1-2: 125-134 h. Georgiadis M., Papatheodorou G., Tzanatos E., Geraga M., Ramfos A., Koutsikopoulos C., Ferentinos G. (2009): Coralligène formations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea: Morphology, distribution, mapping and relation to fisheries in the southern Aegean Sea (Greece) based on high-resolution acoustics, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 369: 44-58 i. Tserpes G., Tzanatos E., Peristeraki P., Placenti V., Kell L. (2009): A bioeconomic evaluation of different management measures for the Mediterranean swordfish, Fisheries Research, 96, 2-3: 160-166
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Fisheries ecology and management (Eastern Mediterranean)