José R Ferrer-Paris

Biodiversity Informatics / Entomology / Ecology

About me

Biodiversity inventory and monitoring requires a combination of skills to link together data and information from different sources.

I studied animal ecology, with a focus on entomology and a keen interest in statistical analysis, but I also learned to work with biodiversity informatics and geographic information systems to pursue my goals.

My projects have different scopes, from local to global, but they are usually aimed at:

compiling and merging available information about taxa of interest,
linking together taxa, habitat and climate data for the analysis of species distributions,
designing and implementing strategies for monitoring species in changing environments,
analyzing macroecological patterns of species diversity.

My main research is focused in butterflies, dung beetles, and other insect groups, but I collaborate with projects involving birds, mammals and plants.

More about me

As a 2013 EOL Rubenstein Fellow, I will be using web-content for the assessment of macroecological patterns in butterfly-hostplant associations at a global scale. I hope to use EOL as a platform to summarize available data and to take a deeper look into the emerging patterns in species interactions.

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Investigador Asociado del Centro de Estudios Botánicos y Agroforestales del Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (IVIC)
Coordinador de la Iniciativa para el Mapeo de la Biodiversidad Neotropical (NeoMapas)

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Butterflies (Papilionoidea): taxonomy, distribution, hostplant associations. Fauna of Venezuela: Butterflies of Venezuela, Dung beetles of Venezuela, Tiger beetles of Venezuela, Diptera of Venezuela, Birds of Venezuela, Endemic species from Venezuela