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Wildlife spotter and photographer, especially African mammals. My wildlife photos are orginized by the taxonomy (biological classification) on my own site: www.wildlifespotting.com.

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David den Ouden
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an enthusiast, a citizen scientist
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Studied Biology at the Faculty of Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands ('93 - '99). Majors were not in this field but embryology, cell biology and molecular biophysics. However, I have a keen interest in taxonomy. In July-August 2008 I've been to Madagascar and made a lot of photos of lemurs and other Malagasy wildlife. In 2009 I spent 2.5 month in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda) and mainly in Tanzania. I have a collection of wildlife field guides and reference guides for Madagascar and (east) Africa regarding mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Of course I own and read the complete Mammals of Madagascar - A complete Guide by Nick Garbutt. I am not the field expert of course, but an amateur with keen interest in taxonomy.

Curation scope
Infraorder Lemuriformes; basically the lemurs from Madagascar. Also I might be able to contribute to East African mammals and bird sections. I have been in East Africa for 2.5 months in 2009 and made over 8000 wildlife photos and identified 100's of different bird and mammal species. I might contribute to African primates as well as curator.