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I`m research scientist and co-founder of the Sharklab (Malta, EU) with locally based teams in more than 15 countries. My scientific studies include morphology, anatomy, embryology, taxonomy, paleontology and ecology of cartilaginous fish. I have worked on the EU legal finning ban through Shark Alliance and EEA (European Elasmobranch Association). My primarily studies are based on the comparative odontology and population ecology of sharks. I carrier titles of deep diver specialist; also specialist in night diving, low and limited visibility, wreck diving and underwater navigation.

I've been nominated for Person of the Year award for my contributions in the fields of ichthyology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides, my biography is included into Lexicon of prominent citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More informations about my research work can be seen on following web pages: ResearchGate, LinkedIn and official sites of Sharklab:

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Andrej Gajic
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an educator, a professional scientist
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Over 30 publisher scientific papers and books regarding morphology, anatomy, embryology, paleontology, evolutionary adaptations and ecology of cartilaginous fishes (primarily family Scyrliorhinidae and Triakidae). Coodrinador of several scientific projects (both international and localy based) regarding population ecology, anatomy and embryology of sharks, skates and rays. My papers are available to download via ResearchGate. I am member of several professional societies regrading marine biology and ichthyology, Ive been nominated for Person of the Year award for my contrbutions in the fields of ichthyology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Im also diver and award wining underwater photographer.

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Ichthyology: specialization in cartilaginous fishes, with over 30 publications. Disciplines: morphology, anatomy, embryology, ecology, molecular biology, paleontology and evolutionary adaptations.