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I`m research scientist, co-founder, of Sharklab International; European recognized organization dedicated to scientific research and protection cartilaginous fish. As a research scientist and project coordinator in Sharklab I`ve been working on different series of studies of morphology, anatomy, reproduction, biodiversity, protection & conservation, environmental and population studies including the inventory. I am national representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina in EEA (European Elasmobramch Association) and active member of the Shark Alliance coalition.

I carrier titles of deep diver specialist; also specialist in night diving, low and limited visibility, wreck diving and underwater navigation.

More informations about my research work can be seen on following web pages: and ....

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Andrej Gajic
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an educator, a professional scientist
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Series of original scientific (scholarly) papers, professional papers and publications (book, ID guides)... If you are interested in my scientific work feel free to mail me anytime...

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Ichthyologist: working on the morphology and anatomy of cartilaginous fish; their reproduction, biodiversity and environmental studies.