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Museum Specialist Invertebrate Zoology National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution 2006. Goodbody, I. & L. Cole. The tropical Western Atlantic Perophoridae (Ascidiacea) II. The genus Ecteinascidia. Bulletin of Marine Science, 79(1):49-70. 1999. Rho, B.J. & L.Cole. Metandrocarpa kudoi, a new colonial ascidian (Stolidobranchia, Styelidae) from Korea. Bulletin of Marine Science, 65(1):151-157. 1998. Cole, L. & M. Vorontsova. Species of Pyuridae (Ascidiacea) from South Vietnam. Bulletin of Marine Science, 62(1):1-6. 1995. Vorontsova, M. & L. Cole. A new species of Pyura (Ascidiacea) from South Vietnam. Bulletin of Marine Science, 56(1):312-318. 1994. Cole, L. Catalog of type specimens in the International Protozoan Type Collection. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, 561, 28pp. 1989. Cole, L. Catalog of Tunicate type specimens in the United States national Museum Collections. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, 487, 12pp. 1987. Goodbody, I. & L. Cole. A new species of Perophora (Ascidiacea) from the Western Atlantic, including observations on muscle action in related species. Bulletin of Marine Science, 40(2):246-254.
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