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Have been a taxonomist for turtles for the past 15 years, have described 5 species (2 of which were fossils) and one genus. Am about to publish a synonymy of the Australian Chelids. I am a member of staff at the University of Canberra, have many scientific publications and am a member of numerous professional societies. Hence meet all 3 criteria. Thomson, S., Georges, A., Limpus, C. J. 2006. A new species of freshwater turtle in the genus Elseya (Testudines : Chelidae) from central coastal Queensland, Australia. CHELONIAN CONSERVATION AND BIOLOGY 5(1):74-86. Thomson, S., Georges, A. 2009. Myuchelys gen. nov–a new genus for Elseya latisternum and related forms of Australian freshwater turtle (Testudines: Pleurodira: Chelidae). ZOOTAXA 2053:32-42.
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