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1. Curator of Entomology at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History 2. Too many to list, but for example: Caterino, M.S. and N. Degallier. 2007. A review of the biology and taxonomy of Chlamydopsinae (Coleoptera: Histeridae). Invertebrate Systematics 21: 1-28. Caterino, M.S. and A.P. Vogler. 2002. The phylogeny of the Histeroidea (Staphyliniformia). Cladistics 18(4): 394-415. Kovarik, P.W. and M.S. Caterino. 2000. Histeridae. pp. 212-227 in: Arnett, R.H. and Thomas, M.C., eds., American Beetles, Volume 1. CRC Press. 3. President-elect of the Coleopterists Society
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