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1. PhD Candidate, University of Washington. Dissertation topic: Phylogenetic relationships and evolution of far-red visual systems in the deep-sea dragaonfishes (Stomiiformes: Stomiidae) 2. Kenaley CP. In Press. Comparative Innervation of Cephalic Photophores of the Loosejaw Dragonfishes (Teleostei: Stomiiformes: Stomiidae): Evidence for Parallel Evolution of Long-wave Bioluminescence. Journal of Morphology:37 ms. pp., 37 figs., 32 tables. Kenaley CP. 2009. Revision of Indo-Pacific species of the loosejaw dragonfish genus Photostomias (Teleostei: Stomiidae: Malacosteinae). Copeia 2009(1):175–189 Hartel KE, Kenaley CP, Galbraith JK, Sutton TT. 2008. Additional records of deep-sea fishes from off greater New England. Northeastern Naturalist 15(3):317–334. Stevenson DE, Kenaley CP, Raring N. 2009. First Records of rare mesopelagic fishes from the Gulf of Alaska. Northwestern Naturalist 90(1):24–34. Kenaley CP. 2007. Revision of the stoplight loosejaw genus Malacosteus (Teleostei: Stomiidae: Malacosteinae), with description of a new species from the temperate southern hemisphere and Indian Ocean. Copeia 2007(4):886–900. Kenaley CP. 2008. Diel vertical migration of the loosejaw dragonfishes (Stomiiformes: Stomiidae: Malacosteinae): a new analysis for rare pelagic taxa. Journal of Fish Biology 73(4):888-901. Kenaley CP, Gomon MF. 2008. Family Stomiidae. In: Gomon MF, Bray D, Kuiter RH, editors. The Fishes of Australia's South Coast, Revised Edition. Sydney: New Holland Press. Kenaley CP, Hamilton AN, Jr. 2006. Bathylaginae: deep-sea smelts In: Richards WJ, editor. Early Stages of Atlantic Fishes: An Identification Guide for the Western Central North Atlantic Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press. p 141–154. Kenaley CP, Orr JW. 2006. Rouleina attrita (Osmeriformes: Alepocephalidae): new records for the eastern North Pacific and Bering Sea. Ichthyological Research 53(2):200–202. Kenaley CP, Hartel KE. 2005. A revision of Atlantic species of Photostomias (Teleostei: Stomiidae: Malacosteinae), with a description of a new species. Ichthyological Research 52(3):251–263. 3. Society for Systematic Biology Willi Hennig Society Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Gilbert Ichthyological Society Ichthyological Society of Japan
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