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Megan Paustian is interested in the ecology, invasion biology, and phylogenetics of terrestrial slugs, particularly of the family Philomycidae and other poorly-known taxa. The terrestrial slugs (>550 species) are a group whose amazing worldwide ubiquity contrast with their scientific neglect. Although slugs are often very abundant (especially in agriculture), visible to the public, renowned as invasives, and economically and ecologically significant, the basic ecology and life history of most species remain surprisingly little understood. For her dissertation research, Megan investigated how competition between non-native arionid slugs and native philomycid slugs may negatively impact philomycid populations. She sought to compare the relative importance of the resources involved in conflict and to determine the mechanisms of competition between species. For her post-doctoral research, she hopes to integrate her experience in ecology with phylogeographic techniques in a study of the speciation and dispersal patterns of the Philomycidae.

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Ph.D. BEES Program (Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics) at the University of Maryland, College Park. Rubenstein Fellow 2010. Collection Manager of Mollusks at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, PIttsburgh.
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