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Bedell, P. 2010. A preliminary list of the Robber Flies (Diptera: Asilidae) of Virginia. Banisteria 36: 3-19 Bedell P. and A. Chazal. 1999. Dythemis velox, a new species for Virginia. Argia 11(3):4.
Kroodsma, W. Liu, E. Goodwin, and P. Bedell. 1999. The ecology of song improvisation as illustrated by North American Sedge Wrens. The Auk 116(2):373-386.
Member: Dragonfly Soc. of the Americas, Entomological Soc. of Washington. Virginia Soc. of Ornithology
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Diptera: Asilidae of eastern United States Odonata of USA