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senior research associate, cornell Univ. Bernardo, J. & S. Agosta. 2003. Clinal variation in the larval life history of mountain dusky salamanders: ecological limits on foraging time and prey abundance restrict opportunities for larval growth. J. Zoology, London 259:411-421. Bernardo, J. & N.L. Reagan-Wallin. 2002. Plethodontid salamanders do not conform to “general rules” for ectotherm life histories: insights from allocation models about why simple models do not make accurate predictions. Oikos 97:398-414. Bernardo, J. 2000. Early life histories of dusky salamanders, Desmognathus imitator and D. wrighti, in a headwater seepage in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA. Amphibia-Reptilia 21:403-407. Bernardo, J., R. Ossola, J. Spotila, & K. A. Crandall. 2007. Validation of interspecific physiological variation as a tool for assessing global warming-induced endangerment. Biology Letters 3:695-698. Also, I am lead author of a major phylogenetic analysis that is being readied for submission describing 6 new species Member SSB, ASN, SSE
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