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Graduate Student at University of Kansas Publications: Vijay Barve, C.S. Chaboo (2011) A specialized carabid larval predator of an adult toad in India (Coleoptera: Carabidae; Anura: Bufonidae: Duttaphrynus Frost). In Herpetological Review 42 (1). Narayani Barve, Vijay Barve, Alberto Jiménez-Valverde et al. (2011) The crucial role of the accessible area in ecological niche modeling and species distribution modeling, 1810-1819. In Ecological Modelling 222 (11). Ved D. K., Barve Vijay, Noorunnisa Begum S. et al. (1998) Eco-distribution mapping of the priority medicinal plants of southern India , 205-208. In Current Science 75 (3).

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Butterflies of India, Insects, Plants, Invertebrates, Birds