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I am from Southern California originally however now days I spend long stints down in the Western Cape province of South Africa researching an array of marine life; however, my primary focus is on the great white sharks.

Despite working primarily with great whites I am an advocate and concervationalist for all shark species.

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Jeremy Frimond
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an enthusiast, a professional scientist
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B.S Zoology from University of California Santa Barbara I have been working as a field research manager for a white shark research institution, called Oceans Research, in South Africa for the past year. My job was to manage collection of usable data in the field for several other colleagues honors, masters, and PhD projects. member of Sharklife (South African society for shark conservation)
Curation scope
"Sharks of South Africa: most specifically great white sharks" "Great white shark micro movements" "thermoregulation of great white sharks" "predator prey interaction between cape fur seals and great white sharks" "concervation issues in sharks" "great white shark population studies