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Data about <i>Paraneetroplus guttulatus</i>


Data about <i>Paraneetroplus guttulatus</i>
geographic distribution includes
Additional detail Central America: Pacific slope of Guatemala FishBase  

Physical Description

Data about <i>Paraneetroplus guttulatus</i>
body length (CMO)
Additional detail 30.0 cm male or unsexed FishBase  


Data about <i>Paraneetroplus guttulatus</i>
Additional detail freshwater environment FishBase  
Additional detail oceanic benthopelagic zone biome
  • oceanic benthopelagic zone biome
    The benthopelagic zone biome comprises regions of the marine water column which usually coincide with the benthic boundary layer (BBL) - the layer of isothermal and isohaline water contiguous to the sea floor. A general reversal in the declining gradient of pelagic biomass may be observed here, perhaps explained by viable nutrition on the sea floor being resuspended by bottom currents. This zone typically extends 100 m above the seafloor, but may reach upto1000 m during benthic storms.
Additional detail slope
  • slope
    The part of an elevation or depression between the relatively flat surrounding area and the peak of a mount or the bottom of a depression.
Environments - EOL project  


Data about <i>Paraneetroplus guttulatus</i>
Additional detail 7.0 FishBase  


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