Depth range based on 1 specimen in 1 taxon.
Water temperature and chemistry ranges based on 1 sample.

Environmental ranges
  Depth range (m): 75 - 75
  Temperature range (°C): 27.919 - 27.919
  Nitrate (umol/L): 0.508 - 0.508
  Salinity (PPS): 34.635 - 34.635
  Oxygen (ml/l): 4.346 - 4.346
  Phosphate (umol/l): 0.172 - 0.172
  Silicate (umol/l): 1.696 - 1.696
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Flavobacterium is a genus of Gram-negative, non-motile and motile, rod-shaped bacteria that consists of 130 recognized species (,[1] as well as three newly proposed species (F. gondwanense,[2] F. salegens,[2] and F. scophthalmum[3]). Flavobacteria are found in soil and fresh water in a variety of environments. Several species are known to cause disease in freshwater fish.[4]

Flavobacterium psychrophilum causes the bacterial cold water disease (BCWD) on salmonids and the rainbow trout fry disease (RTFS) on rainbow trouts. Flavobacterium columnare causes the cotton-wool disease on freshwater fishes. Flavobacterium branchiophilum causes the bacterial gill disease (BGD) on trouts.

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