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Statistics of barcoding coverage: Trigonopeltastes delta

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Trigonopeltastes delta

Trigonopeltastes delta, known as the delta flower scarab or D beetle, is a diurnal species of scarab beetle native to the southeastern United States, though their range extends as far north as New Jersey.


A large beetle on a flower
Adult on a coastalplain palafox flower.

Adults measure 8-10 millimeters in length, and can be identified by the yellow triangle on the pronotum, which resembles the defensive coloration of many wasps and has been theorized to act as Batesian mimicry.[1]


The generic name is derived from Greek words meaning "triangular shield", with the specific name "delta" referring to the pattern on the dorsal side of the beetle's prothorax, which is reminiscent of the Greek letter delta.[2]


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