Pseudomonas alcaliphila

Pseudomonas alcaliphila is a psychrophilic, alkaliphilic, Gram-negative, aerobic straight rod bacterium with polar flagella isolated from sea water near Hokkaidō, Japan.[1]


  1. ^ Yumoto, et al.; Yamazaki, K; Hishinuma, M; Nodasaka, Y; Suemori, A; Nakajima, K; Inoue, N; Kawasaki, K (Mar 2001). "Pseudomonas alcaliphila sp. nov., a novel facultatively psychrophilic alkaliphile isolated from seawater". Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 51 (Pt 2) (Pt 2): 349–55. PMID 11321079. 

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