Penicillus capitatus J. B. De Lamarck, 1813 — Overview

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Comprehensive Description

Penicillus capitatus is among the most common and conspicuous shallow water macroalgae in the Caribbean region. Individuals grow erect, up to about 15 cm tall, and are coenocytic, i.e., an individual consists of a single very large cell with many nuclei. The thallus (the "body" of the alga) is lightly calcified, giving it a whitish green color, except for the extreme tips of the filaments, which may be bright green. It consists of a stalk, anchored in sand or mud by a mass of rhizoids, and a terminal tuft of free filaments that are the source of its common (and scientific) name. (Hillson 1977; Abbott and Dawson 1978)


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