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Type locality: Chosen, Sea of Japan
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Ecklonia stolonifera

Ecklonia stolonifera (Japanese: ツルアラメ, turuarame) is a brown alga species in the genus Ecklonia found in the Sea of Japan. It is an edible species traditionally eaten in Japan.[1]



Ecklonia stolonifera contains the phlorotannins phlorofucofuroeckol A,[2] eckol, dieckol,[3] dioxinodehydroeckol[4] (eckstolonol),[5] 2-phloroeckol, phlorofucofuroeckol B, 6,6'-bieckol,[6] triphlorethol-A,[7] phloroglucinol and 7-phloroeckol.[8]

Those phlorotannins are responsible for the potent pharmacological effects associated with this seaweed.[9] These molecules show a hepatoprotective activity.[6][10]


The oxylipins ecklonialactones A, B,[11] C, D, E and F[12] and fucosterol[7] can also be isolated from the species.


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