Sometimes taxonomists create new names for groups that already have a name. They may do this because they are unaware of the original name, or they may think the organism before them belongs to a different group when in fact it does not. If two or more names are found to apply to the same group, they are considered synonyms. In most cases, the first name takes priority and is considered to be the valid or accepted name. However, there can be exceptions, and it's not always easy to determine which of a series of synonyms should be considered valid or accepted. Here we list the synonyms provided to EOL by our classification partners. We also include other versions of the name that most likely refer to the same group, for example, misspellings in the literature or different variations of the authorship associated with the name.

Preferred marks the preferred name from each source.


Name Relationship
Pieridae Preferred
Hebomoïa Hübner, 1819 Synonym
Abaeis Hübner 1819
Andropodum Scudder 1875
Symmachlas Hübner 1821
Glycestha Billberg 1820
Piccarda Grote 1900
Nirmula Moore 1906
Glutophrissa Butler 1887
Teriocolias Röber in Seitz, 1910
Sphaenogona Butler 1870
Lade Nicéville 1898
Heurema Herrich-Schaffer, 1867
Hiposcritia Geyer in Hübner, 1832
Pseudanaphaeis Bernardi 1953
Goniapteryx Westwood 1840
Gompeteryx Wood 1833
Lerene De Haan in Lyonet, 1832
Ixiades Hübner, 1826
Goniopteryx Wallengren 1853
Krikogonia Schatz in Staudinger & Schatz, 1886
Sinchloe Swinhoe in Moore, 1909
Catophaga Hübner 1819
Nychitona Butler 1870
Terocolus Swainson, 1833
Kibreeta Moore 1906
Nina Horsfield 1829
Midea Herrich-Schäffer 1867
Anapheis Talbot 1929
Parelodina Fruhstorfer in Seitz, 1910
Leptoria Stephens 1835
Maiva Grose-Smith & Kirby 1893
Hebomoea Agassiz 1846
Murtia Hübner 1819
Heurema Agassiz 1846
Tachyris Wallace 1867
Thyca Wallengren 1858
Metelodina Seitz 1927
Euchloë Hübner, 1819
Pyrisitia Butler 1870
Daptonura Kirby 1877
Valleria Schaus 1894
Xanthidia Boisduval & Leconte 1829
Gonopteryx Boisduval & Leconte 1833
Callidrias Feisthamel 1839
Trigonia Geyer in Hübner, 1837
Meganostoma Kirby 1871
Pseudohuphina Stoneham 1940
Milothris Stephens 1850
Pyristia Scudder 1875
Euchira Agassiz 1846
Picanopteryx Scudder 1875
Hyposcritia Butler 1898
Teria Blasquez 1870
Gonioptera Moore 1905
Leptidia Butler 1886
Leptidia Scudder 1875


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