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Carapace tan, brown from thoracic region to ocular region. Sternum orange with broad dark brown margins. Legs orange, dark brown distally at joints, especially tibiae. Abdomen tan with brown or dark gray patches and silver spots.
Male palp: Palpal patella with strong sinuous macroseta (Fig. 2C). Palpal tibia with two trichobothria. Paracymbium elongate with curve near base (Fig. 2B). Tegulum large, mesal lobe tuberculate (Fig. 2C). Median apophysis lightly sclerotized, with fine distoventral projection (Fig. 2A). Conductor a complex of sclerotized and membranous structures enveloping thick embolus for most of its length (Fig. 2A).
Vulva: Epigynum a deep atrium with pair of humps on posterior margin leading to transverse grooves (Fig. 3B).
Male (CASENT 9020742): Total length 1.92, carapace 0.87 long, 0.84 wide, clypeus 0.20, sternum 0.47 long, 0.48 wide, coxa IV separated by 1.54 times their width. Posterior median eyes separated by less than half their diameter. Macrosetae: Leg I: femur p1, r1, patella d1, tibia d2, p1, r1; Leg II: patella d1, tibia d2, r1; Leg III: patella d1, tibia d1; Leg IV: patella d1, tibia d1. Metatarsal trichobothria: TmI: 0.17; TmII: 0.17; TmIII: 0.17. Leg measurements: see Appendix A.
Female (CASENT 9020743): Total length 2.00, carapace 0.85 long, 0.83 wide, clypeus 0.18, sternum 0.49 long, 0.47 wide, coxa IV separated by 1.52 times their width. Posterior median eyes separated by less than a quarter their diameter. Macrosetae as in male. Metatarsal trichobothria: TmI: 0.15; TmII: 0.16; TmIII: 0.19. Leg measurements: see Appendix A.


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