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 Aristosyrphus (Eurypterosyrphus) Body length: 8-14 mm. Slender flies with parallel-sided, constricted or kite-shaped abdomen. Head wider than thorax. Face more or less straight, with median tubercle on dorsal half; about as wide as an eye or narrower. Vertex flat. Occiput narrow over entire length. Eye bare. Eyes in male not or only slightly converging at level of frons, with mutual distance 4 to 5 times the width of antennal fossa. Antennal fossa about as wide as high. Antenna longer than distance between antennal fossa and anterior oral margin; basoflagellomere shorter or longer than scape, oval, sometimes appearing swollen: more than twice as wide as scape; bare. Postpronotum pilose. Scutellum semicircular; without calcars. Anepisternum without or with weak sulcus; pilose on dorsal half, bare ventrally. Anepimeron pilose on dorsal half, bare ventrally. Katepimeron convex; bare. Wing: vein R4+5 without posterior appendix; vein M1 making straight or acute angle with vein R4+5; postero-apical corner of cell r4+5 angular, with small appendix; crossvein r-m located around basal 1/3 of cell dm. Abdomen parallel-sided, constricted or kite-shaped; more than twice as long as wide. Tergites 3 and 4 fused. Male genitalia: phallus unfurcate, straight or bent dorsad; ejaculatory hood apicodorsally enveloping phallus; apical part of hypandrium consists of two separate lobes (separated ventromedially); hypandrium in some species with elongate ventromedian structure parallel to phallus Figs 32, 34), resembling the lingula of certain taxa of the subfamily Syrphinae; epandrium without ventrolateral ridge; surstylus furcate or unfurcate.


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