Eristalinus is a genus of hoverfly. Most species have very distinctive eye marking in the form of spots or banding, though these features may fade on some preserved specimens. Most are stout flies, and are nimble flyers, even compared to other hoverfly species.


At one time the members of this genus were divided into three clades (Eristalinus, Eristalodes and Lathyrophthalmus) based on morphological characters such as whether the eyes were spotted or striped. Recently Pérez-Bañon et al. studying the European species of Eristalinus using a combination of molecular data and male genitalia characters have determined that the genus in Europe at least, divides neatly into two clades - Eristalinus (+ Lathyrophthalmus) & Eristalodes. It was also discovered that the eye patterning was not taxonomically important as Eristalodes contained members with eyes either spotted or striped.[1][2][3][4]

The following list is an attempt to organise some of the species under subgeneric headings:

List of species by subgenus[edit]



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