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Continent: Caribbean
Distribution: Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, Cat Island, Grand Bahama Bank  Ameiva auberi auberi: western Cuba, east to Matanzas and La Habana provinces.
Type locality: Cuba; restricted to the cicinity of La Habana, La Habana Province, Cuba by SCHWARTZ 1970.  Ameiva auberi abducta (HOLOTYPE AMNH 96331): Cuba, distal half of the Peninsula de Hicacos.  Ameiva auberi atrothorax (HOLOTYPE AMNH 78035): South-central Cuba, in Cienfuegos, Sancti Spiritus, and Villa Clara provinces.  Ameiva auberi behringensis Lee and Schwartz, 1985 (HOLOTYPE CM 60540): Bahama Is.: Andros I.  Ameiva auberi bilateralis (HOLOTYPE CM 40985): Bahama Is.: Ragged Is.  Ameiva auberi cacuminis (HOLOTYPE AMNH 83028): Cuba, extreme distal Peninsula de Guanahacabibes.  Ameiva auberi citra (HOLOTYPE AMNH 96375): Cuba, northern Camagüey and Las Tunas provinces.  Ameiva auberi denticola (HOLOTYPE AMNH 79202): Cuba, proximal portion of Peninsula de Guanahacabibes.  Ameiva auberi extorris (HOLOTYPE IZ 52): Cuba, Archipiélago de Sabana-Camagüey.  Ameiva auberi extraria (HOLOTYPE AMNH 82982): Cuba, Archipiélago de Sabana-Camagüey; material from Cayo Carenero intergradient  with A. a. extorris.  Ameiva auberifelis (HOLOTYPE CM 20440): Bahama Is.: Cat I.  Ameiva auberifocalis (HOLOTYPE CM 41147): Bahama Is.: northern Exuma Cays.  Ameiva auberi galbiceps (HOLOTYPE AMNH 78058): Cuba, Jardines de la Reina.  Ameiva auberi garridoi (HOLOTYPE IZ 96): Cuba, northern Villa Clara Province.  Ameiva auberi gemmea (HOLOTYPE AMNH 82972): Cuba, mouth of Rio de Sierra Morena, Villa Clara Province; perhaps at Baños de Elguea, Salinas de Bidos, and on Cayo Cinco Leguas, Matanzas Province.  Ameiva auberi granti (HOLOTYPE AMNH 83784): Cuba, northern Holguin and GuantAnamo provinces.  Ameiva auberi hardyi (HOLOTYPE USNM 138468): Cuba, southeastern coast in Granma and Santiago de Cuba provinces, and probably on all the northern slopes of the Sierra Maestra.  Ameiva auberi kingi (HOLOTYPE CM 40915): Bahama Is.: Andros I., Gibson Cay, Big Wood Cay; intergrades with A. a. vulturnus on Mangrove Cay.  Ameiva auberi llanensis (HOLOTYPE MCZ 59321): Cuba, serpentine savannas in Camagüey Province.  Ameiva auberi marcida (HOLOTYPE AMNH 82991): Isla de la Juventud, south of the Ciénaga de Lanier.  Ameiva auberi multilineata (HOLOTYPE CM 41196): Bahama Is.: Berry Is.  Ameiva auberi nigriventris (HOLOTYPE IZ 5778): Isla de la Juventud, NE of the Ciénaga de Lanier.  Ameiva auberi obsoleta (HOLOTYPE CM 43976): Bahama Is.: Long I., Exuma Cays.  Ameiva auberi orlandoi (HOLOTYPE IZ 3427): Cuba, Archipiélago de Sabana-Camagüey; also at Buena Vista, Ciego de Avila Province.  Ameiva auberi parvinsulae (HOLOTYPE CM 60542): Bahama Is.: Green Cay.  Ameiva auberi paulsoni Schwartz, 1970 (HOLOTYPE AMNH 83012): Cuba, southern Pinar del Rio Province.  Ameiva auberi peradusta (HOLOTYPE IZ 85): Cuba, from Juragmá to Calimete, thence to about 25 km B Playa Gir6n, Peninsula de Zapata, and inland to northern Cienfuegos Province.  Ameiva auberi procer (HOLOTYPE AMNH 78390): Cuba, throughout much of Pinar del Rio Province.  Ameiva auberi pullata (HOLOTYPE AMNH 82953). Cuba, northern Matanzas Province.  Ameiva auberi richmnondi (HOLOTYPE CM 34140): Bahama Is.: Bimini Is.  Ameiva auberi sabulicolor (HOLOTYPE AMNH 83941): Cuba, southeastern coast  Ameiva auberi sanfelipensis (HOLOTYPE IZ 2987): Cuba, Cayos de San Felipe.  Ameiva auberi schwartzi (HOLOTYPE IZ 4389): Cuba, northeastern Pinar del Rio Province.  Ameiva auberi secta (HOLOTYPE AMNH 82997): Isla de la Juventud, north of the Ciénaga de Lanier, except range of A. a. nigriventris.  Ameiva auberi sideroxylon (HOLOTYPE CM 60539): Bahama Is.: Andros I.  Ameiva auberi sublesta (HOLOTYPE AMNIR 96393): Cuba, Archipiélago de Sabana-Camagüey.  Ameiva auberi thoracica (HOLOTYPE ANSP 9158): Bahama Is.: New Providence I., Rose I., Eleuthera I., Eleuthera Cays, Little San Salvador I.  Ameiva auberi ustulata (HOLOTYPE AMNH 83778): Cuba, southeastern coast between Bahia de Santiago and Bahia de GuantAnamo, and inland north of Santiago de Cuba.  Ameiva auberi vulturnus (HOLOTYPE CM 60541): Bahama Is.: Andros I.  Ameiva auberi zugi (HOLOTYPE AMNH 82003): Cuba, Archipiélago de los Canarreos, and Peninsula de Zapata.  INCERTAE SEDIS: Material from Herradura, Pinar del Rio Province; Cayo Macho de Tierra, about 10 mi. SE Casilda; Puerto Padre and Gibara, Holguin Province; Sierra de Jatibonico, Sabana San Felipe, Arroyo Blanco, Isla de Turiguanó is unassigned subspecifically.


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Source: The Reptile Database

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