Continent: Middle-America
Distribution: SE Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras (elevation 1890-2020 m), El Salvador
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Leptophis modestus

Leptophis modestus, commonly known as the cloud forest parrot snake,[3] is a species of medium-sized slender snake of the Colubridae family. It is endemic to Mesoamerica. There are currently no recognized subspecies.[4]

Geographic range[edit]

It can be found in southern Mexico, central Guatemala, northwestern El Salvador and southwestern Honduras.[1]


The type specimen of Leptophis modestus is 130 cm (51 in) in total length, with a tail 54 cm (21 in) long.[2]

Dorsally, it is olive-green. There is a blackish streak behind each eye, and the lips and throat are yellowish. Ventrally, it is pale green.[2]

The dorsal scales are arranged in 15 rows at midbody, strongly keeled except for the first row (adjacent to the ventrals) and on the tail.[2]

Ventrals 171; anal plate divided; subcaudals 171, divided.[5][2]


L. modestus is an inhabitant of the cloud forests of Mesoamerica.

Conservation status[edit]

It is currently considered a threatened species. Habitat loss due to deforestation has led to a decrease in population numbers.[1]


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Further reading[edit]

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