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Toxomerus Macquart, 1855 belongs to Syrphinae (Syrphidae) and it is the only genus included in Tribe Toxomerini, with approximately 150 species described in the world. It occurs mainly in the Neotropical Region with 143 species, followed by the Neartic Region with 16 species (9 endemic) (Borges and Couri 2009).

The genus Toxomerus is characterized by : eye with distinct triangular emargination on posterior margin; gena narrow; arista bare; postpronotum bare; meron bare; anatergum bare; katatergum bare; posterior spiracle with short pile on margin; metasternum bare; metaepisternum pilose; metaepimeron bare; male genitalia well sclerotized, very short to long postanal process arising from fused surstylar apodemes and projecting caudad between bases of surstyli (Borges and Couri 2009).

Toxomerus marginatus is a small species (less than 9 mm in lenght), scutum with lateral yellow vitta continuos from postpronotum to scutellum; thorax with yellow macula above procoxa; scutellum yellow, black pilose; anepimeron black; and abdomen with pale medial areas with submedial black vittate maculae.


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Source: Flower flies (Syrphidae)

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