Flowering Plants Visited by Sparnopolius confusus in Illinois

Sparnopolius confusus Wiedemann: Bombyliidae, Diptera
(observations are from Robertson and Graenicher)

Alismataceae: Sagittaria latifolia [stam sn] (Rb); Apiaceae: Sium suave sn (Rb); Asclepiadaceae: Asclepias incarnata [plab] (Rb); Asteraceae: Ageratina altissima sn/fp (Gr), Aster anomalus sn (Rb), Aster drummondii sn/fp (Gr), Aster ericoides sn (Rb), Aster lanceolatus sn/fp (Gr), Aster novae-angliae sn/fp (Gr), Aster pilosus sn fq (Rb), Aster puniceus sn/fp (Gr), Aster salicifolius sn (Rb), Aster turbinellus sn (Rb), Bidens aristosa sn fq (Rb), Bidens cernua sn/fp fq (Rb, Gr), Boltonia asterioides sn fq (Rb), Conoclinium coelestinum sn (Rb), Coreopsis tripteris sn fq (Rb), Eupatorium altissimum sn (Rb), Eupatorium serotinum sn (Rb), Euthamia graminifolia sn/fp (Gr), Grindelia squarrosa sn/fp (Gr), Helenium autumnale sn/fp (Rb, Gr), Helianthus annuus sn fq (Rb), Helianthus divaricatus sn fq (Rb), Helianthus giganteus sn/fp (Gr), Helianthus grosseserratus sn fq (Rb), Helianthus pauciflorus sn (Rb), Helianthus strumosus sn/fp (Rb, Gr), Helianthus tuberosus sn fq (Rb), Heliopsis helianthoides sn (Rb), Oligoneuron rigidum sn fq (Rb), Ratibida pinnata sn (Rb), Rudbeckia hirta sn/fp (Rb, Gr), Rudbeckia laciniata sn (Rb), Rudbeckia subtomentosa sn fq (Rb), Rudbeckia triloba sn fq (Rb), Silphium perfoliatum sn (Rb), Silphium terebinthinaceum sn (Rb), Solidago canadensis sn/fp (Rb, Gr), Solidago nemoralis sn (Rb), Solidago ulmifolia sn (Rb); Euphorbiaceae: Chamaesyce nutans sn (Rb); Nymphaeaceae: Nymphaea tuberosa dead np (Rb); Oxalidaceae: Oxalis stricta sn (Rb); Polygonaceae: Persicaria pensylvanica sn (Rb); Verbenaceae: Verbena hastata sn (Rb)


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Molecular Biology and Genetics

Molecular Biology

Statistics of barcoding coverage: Sparnopolius confusus

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