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The Scoliidae, the scoliid wasps, are a family of about 560 wasps found worldwide. They tend to be black, often marked with yellow or orange, and their wing tips are distinctively corrugated. Males are more slender and elongated than females, with longer antennae, but the sexual dimorphism is not as apparent as in the Tiphiidae, a closely related family.

Scoliid wasp larvae act as important biocontrol agents, feeding upon beetle larvae in the ground, including the serious pest, the Japanese beetle. Adult wasps may be minor pollinators of many wildflowers.


Subfamily: Proscoliinae[edit]

Subfamily: Scoliinae[edit]

Tribe: Campsomerini[edit]

Tribe: Scoliini[edit]

North American species list: [3][edit]

There are about 20 species in North America. Species include:



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