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Filo Rotifera

Rotifera or rotifers (Latin rota, wheel + beast, those who have) are a phylum of aquatic animals and microscopic. Its name refers to the crown of cilia surrounding the mouth of these animals. Are known about 1700 species of rotifers free life, living in most freshwater bodies, including small puddles of rain, soil moist and also found in mosses and lichens growing on tree trunks and rocks, or even about fungi, crustaceans or aquatic larvae of rotifers insectos.Os move by crawling, the cilia of the corona or jumping through the water using specialized appendages, because the vast majority live in the bottom of the water or live in submerged vegetation.

The Phylum Rotifera is divided into three classes: Monogononta, and Bdelloidea Seisonidea, of which the largest is the first with about 1500 species, followed by Bdelloidea, with some 350 species. Are known Seisonidea only two species, which are normally regarded as the most "primitive".


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