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  Depth range (m): 1 - 1
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Laguncularia is a genus of plants in the family Combretaceae, with ten species:

  • Laguncularia coccinea Gaudich., syn. for Lumnitzera littorea
  • Laguncularia glabriflora C.Presl, syn. for Laguncularia racemosa?
  • Laguncularia haenkei Endl., syn, for Lumnitzera pedicellata
  • Laguncularia lutea Gaudich., syn. for Laguncularia racemosa, Lumnitzera lutea and Lumnitzera racemosa
  • Laguncularia martii Colla
  • Laguncularia obovata Miq., syn. for Laguncularia racemosa?
  • Laguncularia pedicellata Steud., syn. for Lumnitzera pedicellata
  • Laguncularia purpurea Gaudich., syn. for Lumnitzera coccinea
  • Laguncularia racemosa Gaertn. f., White mangrove
  • Laguncularia rosea Gaudich. , syn. for Lumnitzera rosea

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