Data about Erica

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Data about Erica
  • geographic distribution
    A description of the geographic distribution, or range, of the taxon. Includes descriptions of global, regional, or political aspects of range and whether the taxon is native or introduced in portions of the range and endemicity.
geographic distribution
Additional detail North America - United States Missouri Botanical Garden  


Data about Erica
Additional detail arenosol
  • arenosol
    Arenosols are sandy soils, including both soils developed in residual sands after in situ weathering of usually quartz-rich sediments or rock, and soils developed in recently deposited sands such as dunes in deserts and beach lands.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail compost
  • compost
    The aerobically decomposed remnants of organic materials.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail garden
  • garden
    An enclosure for displaying selected plant or animal life.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail heath
  • heath
    An upland moor or sandy area dominated by low shrubby vegetation including heather.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail non-marine IRMNG - Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera.  
Additional detail peninsula
  • peninsula
    A body of land jutting out into and nearly surrounded by water.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail plateau
  • plateau
    An elevated and comparatively level expanse of land.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail sandstone
  • sandstone
    A sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-size mineral or rock grains.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail scrubland
  • scrubland
    Area covered with low-growing or stunted perennial vegetation and usually not mixed with trees.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail soil
  • soil
    Any material within 2 m from the Earth's surface that is in contact with the atmosphere, with the exclusion of living organisms, areas with continuous ice not covered by other material, and water bodies deeper than 2 m.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail wetland
  • wetland
    An area that is inundated or saturated by surface or ground water at a frequency and duration sufficient to support, and that under normal circumstances do support, a prevalence of vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail woodland Environments - EOL project  
  • has parasite
    non-mutual relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.
has parasite
Additional detail Erysiphe azaleae GloBI  
Additional detail Hemicriconemoides cocophilus GloBI  
  • interacts with
    an organism has an effect on another organism in the community.
interacts with
Additional detail Berytinus crassipes GloBI  
Additional detail Byssolophis sphaerioides GloBI  
Additional detail Caenopsis fissirostris ed GloBI  
Additional detail Caenopsis waltoni GloBI  
Additional detail Coniocleonus nebulosus GloBI  
Additional detail Cystodendron GloBI  
Additional detail Fomes Root Rot GloBI  
Additional detail Hallodapus rufescens GloBI  
Additional detail Heather Scale GloBI  
Additional detail Heather Thrips GloBI  
Additional detail Kleidocerys ericae GloBI  
Additional detail Micrelus ericae GloBI  
Additional detail Mycena megaspora GloBI  
Additional detail Neliocarus GloBI  
Additional detail Neliocarus sus GloBI  
Additional detail Orius niger GloBI  
Additional detail Pestalotiopsis sydowiana GloBI  
Additional detail Physocephala nigra GloBI  
Additional detail Strophosoma capitatum GloBI  
Additional detail Strophosoma fulvicorne GloBI  
  • has predator
    is consumed for energetic or other nutritional needs (by another organism)
has predator
Additional detail Altica ericeti GloBI  
Additional detail Altica oleracea GloBI  
Additional detail Flower Thrips GloBI  
Additional detail Globiceps juniperi GloBI  
Additional detail Silver-studded Blue GloBI  
Additional detail Topospora obturata GloBI  


Data about Erica
extinction status
Additional detail extant IRMNG - Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera.  


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