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Bipalium kewense

Bipalium kewense is a species of large predatory land flatworm of the family Geoplanidae, sometimes referred to as a "hammerhead slug" due to its half-moon-shaped head. It is believed to be native to Southeast Asia.[1] B. kewense has been found spanning the entire southern portion of North America.[2]

Feeding habits[edit]

B. kewense is a known predator of earthworms. However, its behavior has been not been exhaustively studied, and may possibly feed on other organisms.


video of Bipalium kewense in Yucatan, Mexico

All species of Bipalium are hermaphroditic, but Bipalium kewense has rarely been observed using sexual reproduction as a primary means of reproduction.[2] Asexual fragmentation is the primary means of reproduction in B. kewense in temperate regions.[1] Although there is little evidence of sexual reproduction in these planarians, there have been several reported cases of egg capsules being discovered. The egg capsules discovered had several of the same characteristics of those of B. adventitium, including coloration and incubation period. The most recent egg capsule discovered hatched offspring that did not bear a complete resemblance to adults and were considerably larger in size to that of B. adventitum offspring.[2]


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