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Lyonia lucida is an understory shrub associated with longleaf-slash pine, loblolly- shortleaf pine, oak-pine, oak-hickory, oak-gum- cypress and wet grassland communities (Van Deelen, 1991). In north-central Florida, fetterbush can occur near creeks, rivers, sloughs and depressions (Monk, 1966b). Lyonia lucida is also found in nutrient poor swamps and bogs (Monk, 1966a: 504).

It is a hardy plant that grows in moist to fairly dry soils and in partial shade to full sun. Lyonia lucida commonly grows in extremely acidic soil (Van Deelen 1991) and nutirent-poor soils (Avers & Bracy, 1975: 94).. In the Osceola National Forest Lyonia lucida is found growing in acidic soils (pH 4.0 to 5.5).

Due to nutrient limitations Lyonia lucida was found to have lower rates of net photosynthesis than Itea virginica a deciduous shrub in Okefenokee Swamp (DeLucia, 1995: 20). However, enrichment of nitrogen and phosphorus, growth rates can increase (Simms, 1985: 48). In addition, Lyonia lucida has relatively long leaf life span (18 months, approximately)(DeLucia, 1995: 26). However, in terms of physiological difference between deciduous shrubs and evergreen shrubs, there is little distinction between the two (DeLucia, 1995: 26).


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