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Title Year Details References
Flora indica or, Descriptions of Indian plants,by the late William Roxburgh. Edited by Dr. William Carey to which are added descriptions of plants more recently discovered by Dr. Nathaniel Wallich. ; v.2 1820 Serampore,Printed at the Mission Press,1820-24. 1
The English flora. ; v.2 1824 London :Longman,1824 1
The English flora. ; v.2 1824 London,Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green,1824-36. 1
The English flora. ; v.2 1828 London,Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green,[1828-30] 1
Histoire naturelle des Iles Canaries ; t.3 : ptie 2 : sect 3 [Text] 1836 Paris :Béthune, éditeur,1836-1850. 1
Histoire naturelle des Iles Canaries ; t.3 : ptie 1 (1840) 1836 Paris :Béthune, éditeur,1836-1850. 1
Histoire naturelle des Iles Canaries ; t.3 : ptie 2 : sect. 3 (1836-1850) 1836 Paris :Béthune, éditeur,1836-1850. 1
Linnaea : Ein Journal für die Botanik in ihrem ganzen Umfange. ; v.11 (1837) 1837 Berlin :F. Dümmler,1826-1882. 1
Synopsis plantarum :seu, Enumeratio systematica plantarum plerumque adhuc cognitarum cum differentiis specificis et synonymis selectis ad modum Persoonii elaborata /auctore David Dietrich. ; 1839 v.1 1839 Vimariae : B. F. Voigtii, 1839-1852. 1
Histoire naturelle des Iles Canaries ; t.3 : ptie 1 (1840) 1840 Paris :Béthune, éditeur,1836-1850. 1
Histoire naturelle des Îles Canaries. ; 1840 Paris :Béthune,1840. 1
Flora Orientalis : sive, Enumeratio plantarum in Oriente a Graecia et Aegypto ad Indiae fines hucusque observatarum / Edmond Boissier. ; 4 1867 Basileae :H. Georg,1867-1884. 1
Wochenschrift des Vereines zur Beförderung des Gartenbaues in den Königlich Preussischen Staaten für Gärtnerei und Pflanzenkunde. ; v.13 (1870) 1870 Berlin,Wiegandt & Hempel [etc.] 2
Plantarum orientalium novarum :decas ex Florae orientalis volumine tertio mox exituro excerpta /auctore E. Boissier. ; 1875 Genevae :H. Georg,1875. 1
Despre vegetatiunea României : si exploratorii ei cu date asupra climei si a regiuniloru botanice / de D. Brândza si respunsulu D-lui Gregoriu Stefanescu. ; 1880 Bucuresci :Tipografia Academiei Române,1880. 1
Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 4th series. ; 4th ser. v. 32 (1962-1968) 1907 San Francisco,California Academy of Sciences. 2
Wrightia. ; v.2 (1959-1963) 1959 Richardson, Tex. [etc.]University of Texas at Dallas. 1
The Great Basin naturalist. ; v.40 (1980) 1980 Provo, Utah :M.L. Bean Life Science Museum, Brigham Young University,1939-1999. 1
Mitteilungen der Botanischen Staatssammlung München. ; v. 18 1982 1982 Munich :H. Merxmüller,[1950]-1991 [i.e. 1992] 1
National list of scientific plant names. ; no.159 1982 [Washington, D.C.] :U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service,1982. 1
Journal of the Arnold Arboretum. ; v.1 1991 Cambridge, Mass. :The University,1991- 1


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