Polygala chamaebuxus

Polygala chamaebuxus (shrubby milkwort) is an ornamental plant of Polygala genus in the Polygalaceae family.[1] It has white flowers with bright yellow stigmatic lobes, and is native to the mountains of west-central Europe.[2] It was known to be grown in cultivation in about 1658 and was illustrated by Carolus Clusius.[2]

A pot of commercially sold Polygala chamaebuxus var. grandiflora

Several varieties are also cultivated, for garden use,[3] including 'Grandliflora', whose flowers are purple-red and yellow.[2]

The plants are hardy,[3] forming low-lying clumps up to 6 inches (15 cm) high[2] and 20 inches (51 cm) in diameter.[3] They may be propagated from softwood cuttings taken in early in the growing season.[3] Some varieties grow best in ericaceous conditions.[3]


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