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Coralliozetus cardonae: mode D-XVIII,11-12 sA-19-20 P-12-13 (D-XVII-IXX,10-13 sA-18-24) pop counts vary

Emblemariopsis carib: mode D-XX,11 sA-20 P-13 (D-IXX-XXI,10-12 sA-19-21) new sp 2010, Haiti to SE Caribbean

Emblemariopsis ruetzleri: mode D-XX,11-12 sA-20 P-14 (D-XX-XXI,10-13 sA-19-21) MAB, Panama, USVI

Emblemariopsis leptocirris: mode D-XX,11-13 sA-20-22 P-13 (D-IXX-XXI,10-13 sA-20-22) widespread

Emblemariopsis dianae: mode D-XX,11-12 sA-20 P-13 (D-XVIII-XX,10-12 sA-19-21) Belize mid-shelf, Honduras

Emblemariopsis occidentalis: mode D-XX,11-12 sA-20-21 P-13 (D-IXX-XXI,11-13 sA-20-21) Bahamas (species?)

Emblemariopsis arawak: mode D-XX,12-13 sA-21 P-13 (D-IXX-XXI,12-13 sA-20-22) new sp 2010, Antilles plus

Emblemariopsis tayrona: mode D-XX-XXI,11-12 sA-20-21 P-13 (D-IXX-XXI,11-13 sA-18-22) Colombia, eastward

Emblemariopsis ramirezi: mode D-XX-XXI,11-12 sA-20-21 P-13; Venezuela and S. Antilles only

Emblemariopsis bahamensis: mode D-XX-XXI,12-13 sA-21-22 P-13 (D-XX-XXI,12-13 sA-21-23) Bahamas, Antilles

Emblemariopsis bottomei: mode D-XX-XXI,12-13 sA-21 P-13 (D-XX-XXI,12-13 sA-21) SE Caribbean

Emblemariopsis pricei: mode D-XXI,13 sA-22-23 P-14 (D-XX-XXII,12-14 sA-21-24 P-13-15) Belize & Honduras

Emblemariopsis randalli: mode D-XXI,12-13 sA-21 P-14 (D-XX-XXI,10-13 sA-20-22) Venezuela coastal

Emblemariopsis diaphana: mode D-XX-XXI,13 sA-21-22 P-13 (D-XX-XXI,12-14 sA-21-23) Florida Keys, GOM

Emblemaria vitta: mode D-IXX,13 sA-19 P-13; Navassa (also Bahamas, Antilles, BZ/Hond); pop counts vary

Emblemaria piratula: mode D-IXX,14-15 sA-21 P-13 (D-XVII-XX,13-16 sA-20-21) deep, Gulf of Mexico

Emblemaria pandionis: mode D-XX-XXI,14-15 sA-21-23 P-13 (D-IXX-XXII,13-17 sA-20-23) population counts vary

Emblemaria caycedoi: mode D-XXI,14-15 sA-22 P-13 (D-IXX-XXI,14-15 sA-22-23) SW Caribbean

Emblemaria diphyodontis: mode D-XXI-XXII,14-15 sA-23 P-13 (D-XX-XXII,13-15 sA-22-24) Colombia, VZ, SE Car

Emblemaria biocellata: mode D-XXII,14-15 sA-22-23 P-13; deep-water, Colombia to Suriname

Emblemaria culmenis: mode D-XXII,15 sA-24 P-13; deep-water, Venezuela (culmenis not "E. culmensis")

Emblemaria caldwelli: mode D-XXII,14 sA-22 P-14 (D-XXI-XXIII,13-15 sA-21-23) reef walls, Bahamas, Belize

Emblemaria hyltoni: mode D-XXI-II,14-15 sA-23 P-14 (D-XXI-XXIII,14-16 sA-22-23) Bay Islands of Honduras

Protemblemaria punctata: mode D-XX,15-16 sA-23 P-14 (D-IXX-XXI,13-17 sA-22-23) NE Venezuela

Ekemblemaria nigra: mode D-XXI,17 sA-24 P-14 (D-XX-XXII,15-18 sA-23-25) Panama & Colombia

Hemiemblemaria simulus: mode D-XXII,16-17 sA-22-23 P-14 (D-XX-XXIII,16-17 sA-22-23) wide, not E or S Car

Lucayablennius zingaro: mode D-IXX,20 sA-23 P-13 (D-XVIII-XX,19-21 sA-22-23) widespread, not FL

Acanthemblemaria rivasi: mode D-XXII,12 sA-22 P-13 (D-XXI-XXII,11-13 sA-22-23) CR, Panama, SAm mainl

Acanthemblemaria maria: mode D-XXII-XXIII,13-14 sA-23-25 P-13 (D-XXI-XXIII,12-14 sA-22-25) not FL or SAm

Acanthemblemaria spinosa: mode D-XXI,14-15 sA-23-24 P-13 (D-XX-XXII,13-16 sA-22-25) not FL, Pan, SAm mainl

Acanthemblemaria harpeza: mode D-XXI,14-15 sA-24 P-13 (D-XXI,14-15 sA-23-24) Navassa

Acanthemblemaria sp.: mode D-XX-XXI,15 sA-23 P-13 (D-XX-XXI,15 sA-23) Panama

Acanthemblemaria paula: mode D-IXX,16-17 sA-23-24 P-13 (D-XVIII-XXI,15-19 sA-22-25) Belize

Acanthemblemaria aspera: mode D-XX-XXI,15-16 sA-23-24 P-13 (D-IXX-XXII,14-17 sA-21-25) wide, not SE Car

Acanthemblemaria johnsoni: mode D-XXIV,12-13 sA- P-13; NE Venezuela to Tobago

Acanthemblemaria medusa: mode D-XXI-XXII,16 sA-26 P-13 (D-XXI-XXIII,15-17 sA-25-27) SE Caribbean

Acanthemblemaria betinensis: mode D-XXIII,15 sA-24 P-13 (D-XXII-XXV,14-16 sA-23-25) C. Rica, Pan, Colombia

Acanthemblemaria greenfieldi: mode D-XXII-XXIII,17 sA-27-28 P-13 (D-XXI-XXIV,16-19 sA-26-29) Belize W Car isl

Acanthemblemaria chaplini: mode D-XXII-XXIII,17-18 sA-27-28 P-13 (D-XXI-XXIII,17-21 sA-26-29) Bahamas FL Cuba

Acanthemblemaria cubana: mode D-XXI-XXII,19-20 sA-26-28 P-13; Cuba (22,20,28) and Panama (21,19,26)

Stathmonotus tekla: mode D-XLI-XLII sA-23-24 P-8-9 segcaud 11 (D-XXXIX-XLIV sA-22-25) Bah, N & W Caribbean

Stathmonotus stahli: mode D-XLII-XLIII sA-24 P-8-9 segcaud 12 (D-XLI-XLV sA-23-25) Lesser Antilles, SE Carib

Stathmonotus gymnodermis: mode D-XLII-XLIV sA-23-24 P-8-9 sc 11 (D-XLI-XLVI sA-21-26) counts vary, low North

Stathmonotus hemphilli: mode D-L sA-27 P-4-5 (D-XLV-LIII sA-23-29) counts vary with population

Chaenopsis roseola: mode D-XVII-XVIII,26-28 sA-29-30 P-13; E. Gulf of Mexico, deep

Chaenopsis megalops: mode D-XVII-XVIII,35-36 sA-36 P-13; Colombia, deep

Chaenopsis resh: mode D-XVIII-IXX,35-36 sA-35-36 P-13 (D-XVII-XX,34-36 sA-35-37); NE Venezuela

Chaenopsis limbaughi: mode D-XVIII-XXI,31-36 sA-34-37 P-12-13; widespread

Chaenopsis ocellata: mode D-XVIII-XX,33-36 sA-34-37 P-12-13; widespread

Chaenopsis stephensi: mode D-XVII,28-30 sA-30-31 P-13; Venezuela & 275 m at Arrowsmith Bank off Yucatan


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