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Formica HNS , pt., Fabr. Ent. Syst. ii. 363 (1793).

Myrmecia HNS , Fabr. Syst. Piez. 423 (1804).

Mandibles elongate, porrect, serrated on the inner edge alternately with large and small teeth, tips curved inwards and acute at the apex; maxillary palpi 6-jointed, the labial palpi 4-jointed; antennae filiform, as long as the head and thorax; eyes large, ovate, prominent, situated forwards at the sides of the head, nearly touching the base of the mandibles; ocelli present in all the sexes. Thorax elongate; anterior wings with one complete marginal, three complete submarginal, and two discoidal cells. Abdomen with two ovate nodes in the petiole. Pupae enclosed in cocoons.

This genus of Ants appears to be confined to the continent of Australia and to Tasmania.


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