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Body mostly invested with grey or brown microtomentum. Three orbital setae, anterior orbital seta medioreclinate, middle and posterior setae lateroreclinate; paravertical setae present. Antennae not in deep grooves. Proboscis with prementum short and wide; labellum short. Thorax with anepisternum bare, katepisternum with two setae. Wing with humeral and subcostal breaks; subcostal break not deeply incised; cell cup present, veins CuA1 and A1 þ CuA2 present but not reaching posterior wing margin. Specimens found in coastal regions. (Brake and Mathis 2007)

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Australimyzidae is a family of flies (Diptera). There is 1 genus, containing 9 known species known from Australia and New Zealand and subantarctic surrounding islands. They have saprophagous larvae. [1][2]



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