Depth range based on 1 specimen in 1 taxon.
Water temperature and chemistry ranges based on 1 sample.

Environmental ranges
  Depth range (m): 5 - 5
  Temperature range (°C): 26.692 - 26.692
  Nitrate (umol/L): 0.923 - 0.923
  Salinity (PPS): 35.037 - 35.037
  Oxygen (ml/l): 4.685 - 4.685
  Phosphate (umol/l): 0.122 - 0.122
  Silicate (umol/l): 0.983 - 0.983
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Ardeadoris carlsoni

Ardeadoris carlsoni is a species of sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a shell-less marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.[2] It was transferred to the genus Ardeadoris on the basis of DNA evidence.[3]


This species was described from Bega Lagoon, Yanuca Island, Fiji, in the Western Pacific Ocean.[4]


Ardeadoris carlsoni has a pale, orange-yellow mantle with paler blotches. There is a white band at the edge of the mantle and a thin orange band at the very edge.[4]


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