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Chromodoris leopardus

Chromodoris leopardus is a species of colorful a chromodorid nudibranch, a marine gastropod[1]

A pair of Chromodoris leopardus mating.


This species of nudibranch is found in the central area of the Indo-Pacific region from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to New Caledonia.[2]


Chromodoris leopardus can reach a maximum size of 6 cm length.[3]

The body is elongate with a foot which is distinct from the upper body by a large skirt like mantle hiding the foot. The top of the mantle is brownish with dark spots circled with white.

The margin of the mantle is white with at the external border a fine purple to electric blue line.

The rhinophore are lamellae and contractile, their basis is white topped with blue to purple colour but they can also be white with a longitudinal blue to purple line. The branched gills have a whitish external side, the internal is golden like.


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