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 Moths medium-sized, body yellowish. Male antennae filiform and thicker than in female. Labial palpi extremely long, more than three times eye diameter. Forewings with R3 + R4 stalked from R5 and R2 stalked with their stem. Hindwings with M1 and Rs stalked. Forewings with two narrow brown fasciae running from apex to 3/4 and 1/3 of inner margin respectively; basal part of forewing bordered by proximal fascia yellow, rest brown. Hind tibiae with two pairs of spurs.  Male genitalia: tegumen narrow; uncus narrow and long, usually with short ventral process at apex; gnathos narrow and long, nearly as long as uncus; juxta with lateral elongate process or spines; valva elongate, with apically saccular process; saccus usually long and large, more than half of valva’s width.  Female genitalia: posterior apophysis long, anterior apophysis very short and less than the half length of posterior one; sclerotized exterior flap at posterior margin of ostium bearing minute hair; ductus bursae very long, more than the half length of the abdomen, base narrow and straight, apical part wider and spiraled; corpus bursae ovate, large; a pair of signa trigonal, bearing spines.  The larva belongs to the nettle-type, and is known only for Monema flavescens. Its final instar larvae are 19–25mm in length. Head yellowish brown. Thorax yellowish green. Dorsum with a large purple-brown spot shaped as a dumbbell. Subdorsal scoli on T2-A9 and lateral scoli on T2, T3 and A2-8 (Fig. 22) (Long et al. 2008).  The cocoon of Monema flavescens Walker is very hard and shaped as a sparrow-egg. It is white, with longitudinal brown stripes (Fig. 23).  The genus is related to Hyphorma Walker, 1865, but differs from the latter by the shorter terminal segment of the labial palpi and the stalked R2 and R3-5 in the forewings. Scopelodes Westwood, 1841 and Phocoderma Butler, 1886 also have very long palpi, but the absence of a tuft of hair in 2nd or 3rd segments distinguish them from Monema (Hering 1931). 1 Wings mostly pale black, brown or pale reddish 2 – Wings mostly yellow or yellowish brown 3 2 Wings mostly pale reddish Monema coralina – Wings mostly brown to pale black Monema flavescens flavescens (Black form) 3 Frons red Monema flavescens rubriceps – Frons yellow 4 4 Saccus long, aedeagus straight 5 – Saccus short and wide, aedeagus S-shaped Monema meyi 5 Gnathos narrow and long; juxta long, ending in a tuft of long spines each side Monema tanaognatha sp. n. – Gnathos short; juxta short, ending in 1-3 long spines each side Monema flavescens flavescens


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© Zhaohui Pan, Chaodong Zhu, Chunsheng Wu

Source: ZooKeys

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